Augie Chang Photography: Jorine & Toh's Engagement Session in Amsterdam

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Jorine & Toh's Engagement Session in Amsterdam

Life is a little bit slower. Coffee tastes a little stronger. Beer is a little bit creamier. Afterall, it is Europe, even the air seems to smell better.

Amsterdam is one of the most picturistic cities in Europe and I am lucky and blessed enough to be able to shoot Jorine and Toh's engagement session here. This happy couple is getting married in 2 weeks near Amsterdam at a greenhouse. Yesterday, we met up at their flat (aka apartment), then headed "downtown" for lunch. Immediate after lunch, we started our trek along the rivers searching for locations. It wasn't difficult at all to find something nice. I can literally close my eyes, point in any directions and be able to have a good backdrop.

Jorine and Toh both have a very fun and charming personality, so we were able to do some goofy pictures at the end.

Good luck at your wedding in 2 weeks. Take care and I hope to come back to this beautiful city in the future!

After the shoot, I was able to walk around town with Jorine and Toh. These are just beautiful scenery that I had to capture.

We stopped by a "hole in the wall" Italian restaurant. This is Jorine and Toh's favorite Italian place to go. The restaurant owner is this Sicilian (South Italian) with a ton of passion for food and for life! He was so funny and enjoyed having guests at his restaurant. The food of course was excellent! YUM!

Many of you know that I really enjoy beer. I especially love beer from tap, but this little restaurant didn't have a tap to offer, so I "settled" for their local brew - Heineken :p

Here's all three of us! Thanks guys for showing me around Amsterdam!!


Ameesing said...

Wow, Augie, they are beatiful! And I'm not only talking about Jorine and Toh ;)

Thank you for the great photo's and I'm glad you liked our city!

(Friend and MC of T&J)

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

Ahhh... the Italian food photos make me miss Italy so much! =( I want to go back... but Amsterdam is beautiful.

Chung Wang said...

Awesome Location, Envy Envy.