Augie Chang Photography: Corrigan Boys

Friday, November 28, 2008

Corrigan Boys

Let me introduce you all to the Corrigan Boys. They are 3 bundles of bursting energy. From the moment that I met them to the end of the shoot, there was not one dull moment :) These guys are handsome, energetic and funny. My goal of the shoot was to capture who they are and what they do at home. How did I do?

Look how handsome they are!

They were always making faces at me :)

Haha, these two pix are just funny. Can we say, please sit still??

Their mom had a great idea. Change them into PJs and have them jump up and down on their bed (what a nice mom!). This was a way for us to drain their energy.

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Beverly B. Yip said...

Great pics, as usual Augie!! and.. the top photo.. omg, that's Luke!! my Luke!! love him!!! thanks for sharing :) happy holidays,, bev