Augie Chang Photography: Jennifer & Daylan's Wedding - Wente Vineyards Livermore

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jennifer & Daylan's Wedding - Wente Vineyards Livermore

Jennifer and Daylan were living in New York City when I met them. They lived in the popular area of Brooklyn. You see many families living there these days.

The funniest thing that happened on the day of their wedding is that the bridesmaids made Daylan (whom is very Americanized) eat a few of the Chinese "delicacy" before he can see his bride-to-be Jenn. These include flavored chicken feet, fermented tofu, and thousand year old egg (which are all cooked). You should have seen the face of Daylan. He almost cried ... I couldn't help but laugh when I saw him choking on the thousand year old egg. Nevertheless, Daylan and his boys were brave enough to have consumed them all.

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Laura E @ Southern Weddings said...

Love the photo of the couple dancing. The two look so happy.