Augie Chang Photography: Nancy & Tim's Wedding - Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa

Monday, December 01, 2008

Nancy & Tim's Wedding - Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa

Oh boy, where do I start with Nancy and Tim??!?! They are ONE funny couple. When I mean funny, come on, I mean rolling down, curl in a ball, holding your tummy kinda funny. They make a PERFECT couple.

On the day of their wedding, these two told me that they were up to anything. I believed them, so we went over to the beach area and shot their wedding pictures. While we were climbing up and down the rocks to get to the location we want, all of a sudden I heard "rrrrrrriiiippp" then followed by a "oh crap!" from Tim. At first, I thought Nancy's dress got a rip. Then I realized Tim's trousers were ripped from the back to the front! We all couldn't stop laughing!! He was not embarrassed what-so-ever. He was even willing to have me take a photo of that rip!

I had such a blast with these two. Not that I don't have a great time with all of my couples, but these two made my day extra special.

Not to mention, Maria Chang from PMA was there with us. I knew we were WELL TAKEN CARE OF.

This photo says it all about this couple. Imagin' the background is playing the song "Baby got back" by Sir-Mix-A-Lot.

Here is the photo of his ripped pants! HAHAHAHA I still can't stop laughing! Yes! I did get the OK from Tim to post this picture :)


ed pingol said...

what an awesome couple to be able to laugh about that kind of major wardrobe malfunction on their wedding day. =) gorgeous images, especially the last landscape shot.

//ed & monica

Prentiss Cha said...

OMG! I'd be mortified if my pants ripped LOL. Tell me he had back-up pants or a needle/thread on hand. Love the fish-eye view of the last picture. Once again, you've captured the wedding and the couple's personality beautifully.

cKAM Photography said...

Good thing he wasn't wearing a red pair of undies with hearts on it!