Augie Chang Photography: Japan - Niigata and Nagano

Monday, November 03, 2008

Japan - Niigata and Nagano

Finally, we have internet connection here in our Tokyo apartment. In today's connected world, I feel naked without an internet connection.

We arrived in Tokyo Narita airport last Thursday night, then immediately hopped on a train to Niigata. Niigata is approximately 2 hours north of Tokyo. Niigata is pretty much all country side. People in Niigata are mostly farmers. Mike's family is into farming, so we get to enjoy a little slower pace of life.

Joella and Mike are enjoying their movie while eating some complimentary ice cream.

Joella took this shot of me after pounding my head against the screen (being bored off my mine).

This was our first REAL meal in Japan after 20 hrs of traveling. These were soooooo good.

As you can see, Japanese take their alcohol seriously. It is such a big part of their diet.

This was our first meal in the train. We couldn't find anything more substantial, so we settled with some snacks and beer (of course).

Us in our first train to Niigata. We were beat.

First shot in Tokyo Narita airport.

Simple but awesome Japanese breakfast.

Japanese are into taking their shoes off when entering ones house. This is pretty much all we did all day long :) I wish I had my flip-flops.

This is how we spent the nights in Niigata. These are futons. They are comfy and warm.

Green tea is part of the daily routine. I think green tea is like coffee to us. They start the day drinking green tea. Each time you enter a house, the host of the house sits down and makes your tea for you. It was a great experience.

Rice fields in Niigata.

This is a home cook meal. You would probably think this was a restaurant. Yum!!! Sashimi ... my kinda food.

Isn't this a funny looking truck that Mike's uncle owns?

In Japan, you are not allowed to use your cell in the trains. What a concept huh?! Mike had to step out of the train to make a call.

Japanese tourist peace sign!

Ok, Pachinko. This is the national Japanese craze. It is gambling but not. To me, it is a pin ball machine on steroids. Inside the Pachinko establishment, I literally cannot hear myself. It was so loud.

One of the uncles we met had this 100+ year old Samurai sword. REAL ONE! I have always love Samurai sword. What an experience for me!

Edamame, organic and fresh. Mike's family grow these. They were so tasty.

We met up with Mike and Joella's friends in Nagano. Claudia and Lawrence will be with us for the rest of the trip.


Dustin and Aimee Hatcher said...

Oh wow that looks sooo cool and fun! I can't wait for my first time to visit Japan. Great photos Augie!

GO TRAVELING "Get Up! Go Traveling!" said...

Beautiful Shots of Japan!
Love the Hello Kitty Slippers!

alicezinwonderland said...

What a trip! It looks really fun! The 20hr. travel time is all worth it!

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

Wow, the food looked so awesome... I LOVE agedashi tofu!

Oh, here in Hawaii, we also take our shoes off before entering someone's home! It's totally an Asian thing!

Japan does have some funny looking cars! They look really cute.

It's so nice to visit a real Japanese family where they sit on the tatami, and the home cooked meal looked amazing.

Oh, no... the pachinko! I am not sure why everyone is so CRAZY about it. Was it fun?

Wow, I love the samurai swords too. I think they are cool!