Augie Chang Photography: Shoot in Japan: Shinjuku, Harajuku and Ginza

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Shoot in Japan: Shinjuku, Harajuku and Ginza

So here is the long waited shoot in Japan. After settling in Tokyo at a beautiful apartment, Joella and Mike got ready on a Tues afternoon and we headed out of our apartment for the fun shoot that we all looked forward to. In Japan, trains are a big part of the Japanese's life. Most Japanese spend hours of their lives in a train, so shooting in a train station was appropriate.

This is Shinjuku station. It is one of the busiest train stations in Tokyo. I don't know if this is true, but someone told me that more than 2 million passengers travel through this station per day!

Next stop, Meiji Shrine near Harajuku. We weren't able to enter the shrine area due to Joella was wearing a wedding dress. We were only able to shoot in the front of the Meiji Shrine entrance. Nevertheless, the background of all the lanterns made it interesting.

Harajuku! Those who knows this area, you know how it is. Those that don't, Harajuku is one of the busiest and trendiest district in Tokyo. Dressing in a wedding gown walking around here is considered "normal" :)

Next stop: Ginza at night time. Ginza is all about the glitz. We were able to get here after the sun sets. We were in the middle of Ginza doing these awesome flash pictures. People stopped and stared. The neons were just amazing!

So here are some fun pictures of us in Tokyo:

So who are these people you ask? Starting from the left, Lawrence, then Mike, then Beth, then Claudia, then Joella, then me. Joella and Mike met up with their friends Lawrence and Claudia in Tokyo. We spent 7 days together in one crampped apartment. We did great!

So this is Beth. Here is the story... Beth emailed me one day before I left for Japan. Beth is originally from Iowa. She moved to Tokyo one year ago with her husband due to his work. She is consulting from Tokyo for a big corporation in the US.

In her free time, Beth tinkers around with photography. Beth has been one of my loyal blog readers, so once she found out that I was heading to Tokyo, she contacted me and asked if she could help out on the day of my shoot. I am always up to meeting new people so I decided it was a great opportunity for both of us. We met up at Shinjuku station, then we headed out from there. She was so friendly and helpful that my couple thought it was such a great idea to have Beth there with us! Thanks Beth for such a wonderful time!


beth said...

More beautiful work Augie! It's fun to see these photos and actually be familiar with the different areas! How did you get such an empty train for those shots!? That's nearly impossible! It was great to meet you and the crew...thanks again!

Julie Ann said...

Oh Augie Chan...SO amazingly beautiful...I am speechless!

I have imagined so many train shots that I could only fantasize about taking out here. You captured so much of Japan and this beautiful couple. I'm DEVASTATED that I didn't know you would be in Japan. I would have bugged to tag along for sure! :)