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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More of Japan: Night Shoot

This was the last night that we spent in Japan. Joella, Mike and I decided to spend more time in the Nakano (where we stayed) train station to do our night shoot. The idea behind this shoot was to capture their romance. Let me tell ya, this is one romantic, lovey-dovey couple. I spent 10 days with them and they both treated each other with respect and love. They are such a "teenage couple" when they are together. You hear them giggling in trains, laughing in department stores and even kissing in the middle of a train ride.

I was sad when I shot this for them. It marked the end of our trip. I was not the only one having those feelings. After I spoke to Mike and Jo, they both expressed their bitter but sweet feeling about going back home.

(All photos are done with natural light)

This shot was done in Shibuya station. We were all waiting to go to the bathroom. When I stood there, this idea came to me so I asked the couple to stand in front of this interesting background. Hey, it was fun!

This was the apartment that we all stayed in. To my estimate, it was approximately 500 sq feet. There were 5 of us packed into this small apartment.

This was one of the drinking nights we had there. As you can see, Lawrence had just a little bit too much there :) I felt like we were all in college again.

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