Augie Chang Photography: Annual Assistant Open House

Friday, November 14, 2008

Annual Assistant Open House


It is that time of the year again! Each year, I host an open house where I get to meet new people who are interested in getting into the field of wedding photography. Last year, I had about 20 people at my open house. From there, 7 of them helped me through my 2008 weddings.

Who is this for?
For people who are interested in getting to know the field of wedding photography. This is a great opportunity to learn what you have always wanted to do.

Where is this taking place?
At this moment, still TBD based on how many people are interested. We will have pizza, beer and wine for you! ... oh and soft drinks :)

When can I start helping?
It all depends, but all weddings are in 2009. After we meet, I still have to decide who will work with me next year based on experience and interest. I don't necessarily look for the most technical person. I am interested in friendly, fun and willing to learn people. Good smiles help :)

How do I get invited to the open house?
Here is what you need to do:
  1. Write me a short email (I mean short!) to tell me why you are interested in wedding photography. Be genuine and creative, don't send me an email to tell me because you get free boos and food ... heh :p
  2. Include a link to your latest people pictures. I am interested in your portrait skills, so please focus the picture selection on people!
  3. Your contact information (cell preferably)
  4. Please put "Open House" in the subject line
  5. email me at
Deadline for this process is Sunday 11/23/2008

Once the submission process ends, and if you are selected, you will receive an email from me with an invitation to this Assistant Open House by 12/1/2008.

I would love to accommodate everyone, but due to the number of interested individuals, I won't be able to invite everyone. Please don't get mad at me if you are not selected. This is not personal. I just don't have the capacity to accommodate everyone.

Looking forward to receiving your emails!!



Anonymous said...


(do people actually get mad at you if they're not selected to attend? wow.)

cKAM Photography said...

WOW, has it been a year already???? You definately don't want to miss working with Augie, he's genuine, funny, and a great photographer to learn from! GOOD LUCK to the 2009 applicants! WOOT!


Dustin and Aimee Hatcher said...

Heh I feel like I'm in the Mervyn's commercial (open, open, open) waiting for the submission process to end; or Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory waiting to see if there's a golden ticket! -dustin :P