Augie Chang Photography: Bridgette in Tokyo

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Bridgette in Tokyo

You probably heard of Jubilee Lau from Jubilee Lau Events on my blog once or twice. Well, one day when Jubilee and I were chatting, we found out that both of us are going to be in Tokyo the same time. A few weeks later after that conversation, she emailed me and asked if I was open to shooting for her little girl in Tokyo. I didn't hesitate and jumped on it.

Jubilee, Bridgette and I met up at the fish market in Tokyo. It was a rainy day but we managed to find a few moments to capture her little girl Bridgette's smiles.

I will be working with Jubilee this coming year. I look forward to having more gigs with her. If you are still searching for a coordinator, take a look at Jubilee's work!

Jubilee and I took a picture in front of a fish stand

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jennifer said...

bridgette is so cute!!