Augie Chang Photography: Dylan

Friday, December 26, 2008


It must have been a sign when I pulled up to the Fillmore area and there was a parking space waiting for me. The parking space was calling my name and asking me to park there. I knew at that point, it was my day :) I have always struggled to find parking spaces in San Francisco, so whenever I find a parking space with no effort, I cherish the moment :p

Leslie (Dylan's mommy) told me that Dylan was feeling a little under the weather. I didn't mind and charged on. We shot mostly inside the parent's room because it was one of the brightest rooms. Yes, he was a little fussy, but it was nothing that we couldn't work around. Overall, he was such a smiley baby.


Chung Nguyen said...

Augie, I've decided to tag you! (:

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

I used to cry when I find parking in the city, especially in the Fillmore area! Dylan looked so cute with the Santa hat!

Julie Ann said...

What an adorable little boy!
I've admired your work for a while and love checking out your blog. I wish I could attend one of your workshops but I'm too far right now :( Maybe in the future!