Augie Chang Photography: Year End Get Together

Monday, December 08, 2008

Year End Get Together

Wedding vendors in the San Francisco Bay Area usually have a lot of fun over the "slower season". We are usually VERY busy over the summer until this time of the year. This is the time of the year when all of us have a little room to slow down, get together and catch up.

This time, the Chins (that is Kevin and Nancy) hosted a year end dinner. It started small, then slowly everyone invited everyone to this get together. We had Thai food in SoMA, then we all went up to the Chins' great loft for tea and dessert. We even played a little bit of Wii bowling and tennis! I can't wait to have more get togethers in the next few months.

Here is Gloria from Sash and Sugar events planning and Beverly from Especially Yours Chair Covers. Ha ha, we had to do the tourist "peace sign".

Here are my buddies Justin from Justin Fone productions and Kevin from Kevin Chin Photography

The ladies (including Justin ... haha) were "talking shop" all night. On the right is the great event planner Jubilee from Jubilee Lau Events

Left, I have the creative floral designer Nancy from Nancy Liu Chin Designs. Right, I have Jubilee and a great cake maker Sonya from Butterfly Cakes.

Now, on the left, the funny and great to be around Justin. Also, I have Megan from Enhanced Lighting and Sound.

On the right, we were fighting it out on Wii bowling!


Justin Fone said...

Good times!!! W. Warrior!!!

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

That's cool... I'd love to meet everyone next time I am in town (which is next May)! Wii party is always fun!