Augie Chang Photography: Kirsten & Nicole

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kirsten & Nicole

Kirsten & Nicole are Madeline's friends. I was introduced to the kids by Kara (Madeline and Adrienne's mom). Kirsten and Madeline are classmates at their grade school. When I arrived at Kirsten and Nicole's house, Nicole was in tears. Her mom told me that she was upset because she didn't want to wear what her mom prepared for her, instead, she wanted to wear something casual and fun. I have two boys so I don't really get to experience this, but most of the girls' houses that I go to usually go through this kind of "battle".

I didn't start the shoot immediately because Nicole was upset. I decided to put down my gear and spend some time cheering her up. We talked and played a bit until she completely forgot about her bad mood. 15 mins later, Nicole was hamming it up in front of my camera.

After about 30 mins, Kirsten came back from school, so we had her join in the fun.

1 comment:

Chung Nguyen said...

You never could have tell from looking at the images that she was upset so recently.

Gotta love kids and their tantrums. :-P