Augie Chang Photography: Personal Work (Part 3) - Perri

Monday, January 19, 2009

Personal Work (Part 3) - Perri

This is the last part of my personal project for Perri. I love love love this set of photos. She looks so natural at this farm near my home. The goal of this shoot was for me to work on my lighting techniques. As many photographers would use reflectors or lights to achieve even lighting, I opt-ed to not use any artificial lights to light her face and body. This requires a good understanding of light and how it gets translated into the "right" images through my lens. This was very challenging but yet very fun and satisfying. I miss the opportunity to work on these personal projects.

Here, I was working with extremely harsh lighting. It was probably around 12:30pm when the sun was literally above both of us.

Here, I worked on the backlit situation. Getting the perfect exposure on her face was difficult, but you see how beautiful the result is when that happens.

Even open shade...ah!! total photographer's dream lighting situation.

Instead of fighting with the sun, I tried to incorporate it into this picture to create drama. Sometimes, in my opinion, a flare can be overdone, so becareful when you are working with flare.

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Events by Evonne, LLC said...

I love the sun flare... wow, look at the blue sky! How do you like your 5D Mark II?