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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Personal Work - Perri

Every year, in January, I take some personal time for myself to develop and improve my photography skills. It may be trying new angles on a model or to try new gear or maybe just push a little of my creativity, but whatever it is, it should be fun. This year, I wanted to continue my quest on shooting for aspiring models. I find working with aspiring models so much fun. They are fresh, fun, and usually very energetic and loved to be photographed.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Perri by one of our common friend Mike. Mike is a owner of a cute pet boutique in downtown Pleasanton called Murphy's Paw. Perri is an aspiring model, she has worked with a few photographers as she continues to develop her own style. Needless to say, Perri and I had such a wonderful time shooting and laughing. I think we actually talked/laughed more than we shot. We did a few looks in a matter of one day. We went from a sensual look (which you don't see here yet) to a normal outfit look to a country look, which was shot at a farm near my home studio. Anyhow, enough talking, let's get to the pictures...

(all shots are taken by my new Canon 5D Mark 2)

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vunix said...

Hi Augie! I'm loving the new camera and the lighting and this level of crispness. Very soft but still very bright. I can't wait for September!