Augie Chang Photography: First 2009 Wedding - Shally & Bob in Cupertino

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First 2009 Wedding - Shally & Bob in Cupertino

Shally and Bob's day was my first 2009 wedding. It was a chilly but VERY sunny day. You can probably see the ladies shivering in the pictures. They prayed for a nice day and God presented them with a gorgeous sunny winter day.


Kimberly Warne said...

Tartini was my favorite part! =) Well maybe just because we weren't freezing our booties off once we got indoors, lol.

Bob said...

Augie, we love the shots. Thanks so much to you and your assistants for doing a great job recording our day and helping us feel comfortable! Looking forward to the finished collection.

All the best,

Bob & Shally