Augie Chang Photography: 10 days 8 hrs and 55 mins

Monday, January 12, 2009

10 days 8 hrs and 55 mins

That is how long I had to wait for my new camera to arrive. And it did today @ 5:15pm PST...FINALLY!!! Those agonizing days and minutes are finally over! Weighing in approximately 3.5 lbs, length is about 6 inches long, sex is unisex. Everyone is doing really well :)

Great way to start out my 2009 year!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!

(Gee, I am so excited to take this picture to show you all that I haven't even taken it out of the box yet)


Ava said...

You're funny!
Congrats on your new "baby" none-the-less though.

Events by Evonne, LLC said...

I am very jealous... very sweet! I think my Rebel Xsi is getting upset at me for looking at your photo! :)

Kimberly Warne said...

Awesome! Fingers crossed it works ok... my friend finally got hers in the mail last week and it didn't work right, so she sent it back and they told her the replacement won't arrive until Feb!

Tommyqh Photography said...

wow, at least you weren't keeping track of time =P.