Augie Chang Photography: 2/8/09 Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop Day

Monday, February 09, 2009

2/8/09 Introduction to Digital Photography Workshop Day

Everyone arrived not only on time, but 15 to 25 mins early to my first 2009 workshop. Everyone were so excited, talkative and eager to learn. In my previous workshops, students usually come in with Nikon and/or Canon cameras. Today, I had my first student with an Olympus! got the "First non-Nikon or Canon camera award" :)

The day zoomed right by all of us. Everyone hit it off REALLY well. I am sure a few of them became pretty good friends throughout the day. I personally loved the on-location shoot period. Students were paired up with a fellow friend in the workshop. They had to work together to finish 3 assignments. That worked out REALLY great.

Thanks Alwin for taking this picture for my facebook!

Another great photo by Alwin. Here, I introduce to you all, one of my 2009 assistants Veronica!

Workshop photo!

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maritessb said...

FACEBOOK! Thanks Augie! I'll definitely sign up for another class.