Augie Chang Photography: Irene and Joe E-Session in Ferry Building San Francisco

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Irene and Joe E-Session in Ferry Building San Francisco

Not all couples are comfortable immediately in front of my camera. Irene and Joe were pretty nervous when I met up with them....ok, I lied, Irene was pretty nervous :) She told me she just got her makeup done before she met with me and felt like she has way too much makeup on. Her makeup was awesome. Ladies, many of you have GREAT skin but in my opinion, makeup can do wonders! I know you all are beautiful, but a little makeup goes a long way, so have some on when we meet for your engagement session. This is also a good time to do a trial with your makeup artist. You can kill two birds with one stone!

Anyhow, we didn't start the shoot immediately. I asked them to enjoy the sun and the farmers market before our shoot. I then slowly ease them into the session. The shoot when smooth without a hitch. It was fun, exciting and a lot of giggles.


Jenny Lee Photography said...

the 6th shot down is cute. u noticed the 3 on the traffic light? 3 for 3 ppl in this pic - haha (including that lady standing there)... i think it would be EVEN cooler, if that was a 2 on there, representing the 2 people in that photo.

nLighten Images said...

nice. you didn't get kicked out of there for taking photos?