Augie Chang Photography: Joyce & Fernando's Wedding - St. Patricks and Fairmont Hotel, SF

Monday, February 23, 2009

Joyce & Fernando's Wedding - St. Patricks and Fairmont Hotel, SF

Joyce and Fernando decided to get married on Valentines Day. Now there's no excuses Fernando...You will HAVE to remember your wedding anniversary ;)

Although the day was a bit cloudy and we actually had to run through a few showers, nothing could have dampen the wedding party's mood. They were all energetic, fun and cheerful. On top of that, Joyce and Fernando hired a group of dynamic vendors for their wedding. Not only do we know each other, we get down and silly. It felt like a vendor reunion!

Some "behind the scene" pictures of the team that evening:

Maria is always there to help during the portrait session. She goes above and beyond what a makeup/hairstylist do. Here, she is standing in the middle of the street making sure cars coming from the bottom of the hill see my couple. How can you NOT love her!

Susan is sister of one of my brides. We became good friends and now she helps me at weddings. She is wonderful.

Maria and Andrew, chilling towards the end of the night. Andrew, what are you trying to do here?!

I want to thank Jen for shooting this wedding with me. The couple was ecstatic to hear that we were a team for their wedding. We worked really well together.

Part of the "team" that evening. We all had a blast! We all LOVE what we do :)


maritessb said...

i'm sooo in love with her dress. if i could do it all over again...

curtyniner said...

Excuse me, someone's missing from this "team picture" :)
You guys rocked!!!!

Kimberly Warne said...

Augie... I want that blue couch! haha

I'm jealous of your Vegas trip! Looks like you guys had a great time!

Jenny Lee Photography said...

cool purple lighting in the last shot. wow.

Joyce said...

OMG, the pictures are AMAZING!!!! I show them off everyday. Also, thanks for your awesome referrals. I had an awesome team working that day thanks to you. Can't wait to see the rest!!!!