Augie Chang Photography: Day 6: Cortona

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Day 6: Cortona

It wouldn't have made it to my list of towns to visit if we never watched the movie - "Under the Tuscan Sun". After the movie, May immediately said we have to see this little town.

It was a slow start morning, but we managed to get dressed, ate breakfast at our hotel's sun room, then jumped into my tiny diesel Lancia and headed east to the little town of Cortona. The town was quaint, which was to be expected and there weren't as many tourists as I would have expected. May and I decided to do a picnic lunch outside the city hall steps under the Tuscan sun. It was an extremely beautiful and warm day, I think I even got a tan.

We were driving to Cortona and discovered this wonderful olive tree field. The color of the yellow flowers against the beautifully grown olive trees was just amazing.

I caught this photo of May when she was absorbing herself into the olive tree field.

This is a shot of Cortona from approximately 4km away. What a wonderful town on top of a hill?!

May and I enjoyed a picnic lunch in front of the city hall steps under the Tuscan sun :)


Edwin said...

Hi - hope you guys are ok & safe after the big 6.3 quake? were you far enough away to avoid any major affects? Take care & stay safe!!

Edwin said...

oops sorry - I meant to identify myself - I'm Jaden Young's Goong-Goong (Michelle's dad)

Christine Szeto said...

love that you are taking time to rest and vacation with your wife! so sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Jeff said...

Another favorite of our - we spent about 4 days there last September. And the wine - oh, the wine!