Augie Chang Photography: Day 7: Volterra

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Day 7: Volterra

Whenever May and I head to Europe, Ricky comes with us no matter what. Ricky is not only resourceful, but he is also very worldly. He has traveled to more places than anyone that I've ever known. He knows where to eat and where the best clean rooms are. Ricky is our "friend" - the tour book writer Rick Steve.

We found our beautiful hotel in Siena from Ricky. The place is exactly how he described it to us - clean and charming.

Whenever Ricky tells us a location is a "must see", we definitely allocate enough time for it. When this time Ricky tells us one of his favorite towns in the Tuscany area is Volterra, we allocated a day for it.

Here is a picture of our breakfast lady at the hotel. She is so sweet and attentive. She brings me my cappucino every morning.

View of Volterra

Self-service lunch in Volterra


JasmineChiu said...

did you guys feel the earthquake? stay safe and have lots of fun!

Jeff said...

Rick Steves rocks! We actually ran into him in a tour group in Bath, England. He was carrying his own book around and taking furious notes. BTW, love the pics - Tuscany is our favorite place in Europe, if not the world. We're planning on heading back there in June before returning to the US.