Augie Chang Photography: Day 8: MONTEPULCIANO

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


This was our last town to visit for the entire trip. We took our good ole time, just enjoying the scenery as we drove up to this tiny little town call Montepulciano. To be honest with you, after visiting so many towns in the last 7 days, they all seem to blend into each other. No matter what, they are all so beautiful.

This is a Fiat. I call it Luigi :-) I was playing around laying there on top of the car to show you all how SMALL this car is!

Awesome cup of Macchiato

This was on my way back. I pretty much slowed down and "smelled the roses" as we drove back to our hotel.


Lori D said...

Hey Augie,

Totally loved traveling with you both, through these amazing photos! Thank you so much for sharing.

My husband and I are planning to head over in a couple of years.

Voltaire & Jeanes said...

Augie.. I didn't know you took up car modeling! hehehe j/k... Awesome pictures as always!

Jenny Lee Photography said...

It's Luigi!!! Same color too. How funny. I like the last shot with the trees. Cool.