Augie Chang Photography: Stephanie & Dan's Wedding at the Mountain Winery, Satatoga

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stephanie & Dan's Wedding at the Mountain Winery, Satatoga

Stephanie and I used to work at an internet company together many years ago, but we really didn't know each other back then. I immediately recognize her face when I met her in person. When we met, Steph, Dan and I hit it off really well. It was one of those "It-is-like-I-know-you-forever" kinda relationship :-)

On the day of the wedding ... I vividly remembered when Steph and Dan were watching their slideshow. At one point, I saw Dan started to tear when he saw a picture of his mother. As soon as I saw him tear, I was touched and a gush of emotions went through my body. I started to tear behind my camera. I miss my father, who left this world 3 years ago. Even though I've been a wedding photographer for 10 years, I am still touched by my couples. Especially those that I have a great connection with. I am grateful to have great clients like Steph and Dan, who I feel so connected with. Thanks Steph, thanks Dan.

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