Augie Chang Photography: Mai-Anh & David's Wedding at Bently Reserve, San Francisco

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mai-Anh & David's Wedding at Bently Reserve, San Francisco

This was one of the most elaborate weddings that I've done in the last 5 years. The reason has to do with this was my first wedding with the fabulous Michelle from MB Wedding Designs. Although I've known Michelle for more than a year and a half, couples usually book us so far in advance that it took us THIS LONG to finally work together.

The couple was as sweet as they could be. The day started out with a colorful Vietnamese ceremony in San Jose at the bride's family's home. After lunch we headed to Foster City for the groom's family's home.

After the traditional ceremony, we all met up in the city to get ready for their western ceremony and reception. When I arrived at the Le Meridien Hotel, Maria from PMA was there to greet us. There is always something so "homey" about seeing Maria at my weddings :) She is just purely greatness.

Also, I was working alongside with my talented buddy Andrew from Studio MSV. We worked on so many weddings together that we have developed a "tag-team system" at our weddings. I'll be directing and shooting for the couple, then I'll pass them off to Andrew, then he passes them back on to me. It just works!

Started the day in San Jose and Foster City for their Vietnamese Ceremony:

Then we headed back to the city to get ready for their Western ceremony at Le Meridien:

There were so much GREAT food and details that I had to show them off to you all!

This was sooo yummy, the "platter" here was a block of ice!

Need I say more? Look at this and you want to drink it.

This was the Bently Reserve during their ceremony.

Bently Reserve transformed into a reception site in a matter of 1 hour!

Awesome floral design by Asiel Design


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