Augie Chang Photography: Ruby & Erwin's Wedding at Brix Restaurant, Napa, CA

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ruby & Erwin's Wedding at Brix Restaurant, Napa, CA

Ruby and Erwin are friends of my sister-in-law back in New Jersey. They all went to the same college - Rudgers back in the days, but Ruby and Erwin moved to California for their jobs.

Ruby and Erwin started the day at the top of the Sonoma Hills. They rented this beautiful home so all of their family members can stay there for the weekend. I had to meet the couple at 7am in the morning at the rental home. This means, I had to leave my house at 5:30am. When I arrived, my assistant and I pretty much woke everyone up :) Ruby and Erwin won the "earliest-start-time" award for this year :)

The wedding was held at a local church in Napa, then they celebrated with family and friends at the beautiful Brix restaurant in Napa Valley. The wedding was held completely outdoors behind the restaurant. The tables were set up next to the vines. Sometimes, you even get to see the wine train goes by! Ruby and Erwin had a kings table for all of their 90+ guests. It was dramatic and beautiful at the same time.

This ducky had something meaningful between them.


One of my favorites from the day

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