Augie Chang Photography: Madeline & Adrienne 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Madeline & Adrienne 2009

Through the years, I am so fortunate to be Madeline and Adrienne's yearly photographer. Not only do I know the girls pretty well by now, they also get very playful when we do the shoot. That's great as a lifestyle photographer, your subject feels comfortable to be themselves! This year, it was EXTRA special because the girls got a set of puppies. OMG, can you see how Cuuuuute they are!!?

Each year, Kara (their mommy) and her mommy friends get together early in the year to set up appointments for their yearly photos in Nov. I believe this year, Kara and the mommys booked in April/May for their November sessions! It may seem too early to plan, but it is never too early when you have children! so plan ahead!

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Lisa said...

So cute!!!