Augie Chang Photography: Jane & Ben's Wedding in Casa Real, Pleasanton

Monday, February 08, 2010

Jane & Ben's Wedding in Casa Real, Pleasanton

This was my last wedding in 2009. It was a special one of course :)

Ben, Jane and I hit it off immediately after they contacted me about their wedding. Maybe it was because Ben works for Yahoo! and we have that 'hoo connection :) Once you are a 'hoo, you will always be a 'hoo. For those of you that don't know me so well, I used to work for Yahoo! many years ago before I turned into a full time wedding/portrait photographer.

Ben and Jane are two of the most wonderful people I've met. They are respectful, accommodating and most of all, fun people. Ben and Jane are so lucky to have found each other. As a photographer, I see the passion between them. It's the kiss that sets them apart. They have one of the most passionate kisses I've seen. I love it when couples lash out their love for each other :)

Good luck guys and I am so glad that we became friends!


Alwin said...

Very nice set.

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