Augie Chang Photography: Ricah & Jeffrey's Wedding in Half Moon Bay Golf Links

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Ricah & Jeffrey's Wedding in Half Moon Bay Golf Links

I heart this couple. Ricah, Jeffrey and I have this very special bond from the beginning. So much that Ricah and Jeffrey secured my service without meeting me in person!

Here is a special moment that I would like to share, which is so special to Ricah and I ...

A few months after we finalized our agreement, Ricah called me on my cell. At that time, I was up at Whistler Canada for a weekend get-away. I barely got off my flight and saw Ricah called, so I picked up the phone without hesitation. I said hello, but she sounded distressed to me so I asked her if everything was ok. She was caught off by surprise that I noticed her voice and her feelings. She started to tell me about her problems and we were on the phone for a while. At the end of the conversation, she felt much better and knew that life will be all good once again. Til today, she still mentions to me how incredible it was to have someone that she barely knows to feel and realize that she was going through a tough time in life. That is connection and that is why I love what I do. It is the connection that I have with all of my clients that drive me to be a better person and a better photographer to them.

Ricah and Jeffrey are so blessed... on the day of their wedding, Ricah was about 6 months pregnant. Although the wedding was mainly about Ricah and Jeffrey, I wanted to make sure that we incorporate focus on the baby as well! This way, in 10 years, baby can look at these photos and see how much mommy and daddy already love her.

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Alwin said...

Cliff shot is awesome! Like the rolling fog.