Augie Chang Photography: WPPI 2010 Fun Pictures

Monday, March 15, 2010

WPPI 2010 Fun Pictures

I am FINALLY home after 8 days of being on the road. I attended the annual WPPI convention in Las Vegas for a few days, then flew to the east coast for an engagement session. The best thing about WPPI was the opportunity to meet up with many great vendors and other talented photographers in the industry.

Although it was WPPI week, the wonderful team from Casa Real and Palm Event Center was out there for a catering convention as well. What a coincidence!!! We met up for happy hour and thanks to Read (owner of Casa + Palm) for picking up the tab!

The next day, Michelle from MB Wedding Design and Events organized a "bay area" dinner at the Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill inside the MGM

First off ... Claudia

Next up, my good friend Brook

Here is the beautiful Alisha

Fellow friends, Andrew and Ricky

Here are all the beautiful ladies, Vero, Jessie and Elley

We have Evonne, Michelle and Kevin

This is the night when we crashed the SmugMug party on the 25th floor. Alice (wearing a Snuggy), Kevin, Me and Evonne were there drinking it up.

The SmugMug party was a bit slow, so we decided to hit up the Rouge bar and a few decided to smoke some cuban cigars. This shot was before we headed into Rouge.

Jen, Me, Maria, Michelle and Evonne

My good friend Jen

My good friend Maria

Jen ... what's up with that mischievous look?!

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Annie said...

my people!!! love that you met up the Palm & Casa team. Wish i was there! xoxo