Augie Chang Photography: Ryoko and Chris' E-Session in NYC

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ryoko and Chris' E-Session in NYC

Ryoko and Chris got engaged last year around November in a little park called Washington Park in NYC. Shortly after their engagement, Ryoko told Chris that she had a photographer in mind for their wedding day. This was the story that Chris told me when I first met them last week in NYC.

Ryoko is a friend of my previous bride Jennifer. Jennifer and Daylan were living in NYC at the time of their wedding planning, then moved back to the Bay Area shortly after their marriage. Because Ryoko and Jennifer are friends, I was indirectly "introduced" to Ryoko through my images. Ryoko contacted me shortly after her engagement and they decided to have me as their photographer after a short but GREAT conversation over the phone. We had an amazing connection and that was so important!

I met up with the couple at their beautiful apartment. From there, we spent the rest of the day at and around West Village, where they spend most of their free time. Although it rained most of the day, we were able to capture some wonderful moments.

This is the spot where Chris proposed to Ryoko. This was NOT planned. I had no idea it was this exact spot where he proposed. It looked beautiful to me so I asked them to stand there for the shot. How ironic!

After a while, the rain was getting a bit cold so we stopped by a cafe that Ryoko and Chris frequent - Extra Virgin. We had a cup of cappuccino, then headed out in the rain again.

What's a trip around the West Village without stopping by the infamous Magnolia Bakery?!


Nellybelly said...

Kissing in the rain is so romantic :) beautiful Augie it looks so magical.

Natalia said...

Love this shoot Augie! It feels that the whole mood was captured beautifully, I feel like I was there at the time of the shoot!