Augie Chang Photography: Augie the Movie Star?

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Augie the Movie Star?

Parents are always interested in knowing how I work and how do I interact with their child(ren) during a baby/kid shoot. Pictures tell a thousand words, so I figured a video clip tells a million :)

I had a baby shoot this morning for the lovely 10 month old Sophia. Andrew from Studio MSV was kind enough to come to my shoot and film me in action or "behind the scenes". This video is going to be sent to my future clients (parents mainly) to see how I work and what I do during a baby shoot. I am sooo excited to see what he comes up with. When he interviewed me as part of the clip, I felt nervous! Can you believe that I actually feel nervous? Very seldom that I am on the other side of the lens, so I didn't know what to say or what to do. I hope things turned out OK like Andrew said :-p I really hope editing can do magic ... heh

I can't wait to see the clip, but thanks Andrew for what you have done!

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piggy said...

I wanna see the clip too. Send me moviestar!