Augie Chang Photography: Kate & Russ E-Session in Embarcadero

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kate & Russ E-Session in Embarcadero

Kate and Russ are getting married in the metropolitan city of New York. It will be a mid-week central park wedding. I have always wanted to photograph a wedding in Central Park. Maybe because I spent many years in NYC or maybe it is just one of those things that one wants to do and have no idea why. No matter what, my dream of photographing a wedding in Central Park will come true in Oct of this year.

Today, Kate, Russ and I met up at the Embarcadero to shoot their engagement session. The two loves urban chic, so that's the theme that I went for.

Kate used to be a model, can you tell?

Ok, this shot was supposed to be a test shot. I usually do a few test shots when we start on a location for lighting and other reasons. This shot came out great and I thought adding a little intense color to it will make it pop.


Anonymous said...

I love your #1 pic. looks like it's from a magazine ad.

shoegirl said...

We had so much fun Augie - thanks for making this a great experience and giving us great pictures to boot!