Augie Chang Photography: My Team and Some Friends at Work

Friday, August 21, 2009

My Team and Some Friends at Work

I can be such a diva sometimes. Here, the pregnant Crystal Lequang from Amazae Special Events is holding an umbrella for me while I shot for the couple at Casa Real. It was almost 100 that day!! I didn't even ask her and she did that on her own. I love Crystal!

When we get together as a team, I usually like to take some photos for ourselves. Here I have my close friends Maria Chang from PMA and Crystal.

This is Vero! I have such a great time with her.

My team for the day, Vincent and Vero! The two "V"s

All pictures are taken by the talented Mauricio Javier Arias Mora

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Amanda said...

You guys are like the hot-people-wearing-glasses brigade! :)