Augie Chang Photography: Neda and Sati's Beverly Hills Wedding

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Neda and Sati's Beverly Hills Wedding

Neda and Sati had the most Ah-Maay-Zingly colorful wedding in the beautiful Beverly Hill Wilshire Hotel. It is always inspiring as a photographer to be able to shoot at a new location, especially in sunny Southern California. When Neda and Sati told me they were getting married in Beverly Hills, images of palm trees and nice store fronts came to mind. I have always wanted to shoot on Rodeo Dr., purely because of the energy and the glitz :) Guess what? We did just that!!! I took the beautiful couple out on the streets of Beverly Hills. Flashy cars and nicely dressed pedestrians were stopping to watch the shoot. Some of the pedestrians were even asking if this was a modeling shoot. That's how hot they looked! I am not kidding here -- people stopped to watch the shoot. OMG, it was sooo much fun!!

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Justin Fone said...

Killer shots bud!